Monday, November 5, 2012

8 Fun Ways to Fold Notes or Letters!

Sometimes I write 13-page letters to my boyfriend. I want to be a cheesy girl and fold the letter all cute-like, but apparently, 13-page thick letters are not the most cooperative for complex note-folding. Consequently, I wasted a few good hours of my day learning new ways to fold letters so that I could fold each page separately!! Having said that, I definitely don't suggest spending 2 hours of your day learning 8 new ways to fold notes. But in case you're going to, I've compiled a nice little list to hopefully help speed up the process a bit. :)

Things to note (Pun intended. ;)
  1. Some of these I already knew how to fold, so I just found a website with the same style and pasted the link.. In other words, I don't know how helpful all the tutorials are, but the ones I did learn from (which is most of them) worked fabulously! I hope that you can be just as fortunate.. But there's my disclaimer, just in case any of these tutorials are less than sufficient for all your note-folding tutorial needs.
  2. Valley Fold. I guess origami is a profession, and they have special vocab to say things like "fold this paper in half" and "make this symmetrical". Never fear. If you happen to see terms like "kite base" or "axial crease" or other foreign expressions that make paper folding novices like me go, "Duhhhhh.....Say what??", there is help for you. It's called the Origami Dictionary. And it will change your life .
  3. Don't get discouraged. In my experience, practice almost never makes perfect. So don't expect too much outta yourself, okay? If it sucks the first time and the second time, it will probably suck the third and the fourth time . But at least it will suck less! And at least you'll know that you're not an origami prodigy. (You know. Just in case you were concerned about that possibility.)
  4. Square paper - shmare paper. Some of these might say to start with a square. I just followed these instructions and then I folded the top part down instead of cutting it off.

It makes the paper a little thicker, which is sometimes annoying. But I believe in youAnything I can do you can do better. (Don't believe me? Just take a look at my pathetic excuse for a jumping frog.)



  1. Love these! My boyfriend is at boot camp, and this would be a great way to change up his letters a little :)

  2. You think this is a good icebreaker?

    1. These could definitely make a good ice breaker! It could be a great get to know you game too. You could have everyone put Two Truths and a Lie about themselves on their paper, then do the folding, and then pass them around, unfold them and play two truths and a lie! That's one of my favorite ice breaker game. If you've never played it, here's a link. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun making this list. :)

  4. My boyfriend is an extreme puzzle solver. I write him notes and he has to fold his the same way when he replies.